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Malbec is the grape that made Argentina famous and has caused Argentina to grow to become the fifth largest wine producing country in the world. Malbec is a French varietal, one of the five grapes used in Bordeaux Wines from France. Malbec is not commonly found anymore in Bordeaux wines today because it has been difficult for the French to keep these grapevines alive. In Argentina though, Malbec thrives! In fact, Malbec takes on new, very attractive, flavor characteristic created in the high elevation terroir of Argentina.

The wines I have chosen for you here come from very small wineries in Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza is the origin and nucleus of Malbec in Argentina. These wineries are all family operations, who handcraft their special wines. Their production is in very limited quantities. The quality of these wines are extraordinary! These wines are hard to find as they are extremely limited in the United States. I have arranged this foursome at an unbelievable price for the great quality of these wines. See the wine details and tasting notes below.

Mosso Malbec
Viamonte Reserva Malbec
Tukma Reserva Malbec
Siete Fincas Gran Secreto Malbec

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The Wines

Here is the special offering of four remarkable Malbec wines…

Mosso Malbec – Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina, page 44

I love this wine. The grapes come from 150 year-old vines. The wine takes on a smooth rich quality you can notice from these mature vines. This wine is everything you ever loved about Malbec, and more. The Familia Mosso’s story began in 1860 when Francisco Mosso and his family immigrated from Italy to Mendoza and became devoted to viticulture. They produced a Turin-style Vermouth, which years later became famous and gave immense prestige to the Mosso name. In 1909, the family built their own winery in Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza where they produced Malbec for 82 years, eventually having to close its doors due to economic instability. In 2002 Ernesto Mosso and Pablo Mosso, Francisco’s great-great grandchildren, revitalized the family tradition of producing wines. Their flagship wine is Malbec, produced from old vines, grown on the family’s 18-acre vineyard where they have resided since 1932. Living amongst their vines, the Mosso family carries on the passion their ancestors first brought to Mendoza over 150 years ago.

Tasting Notes – Aromas of crushed boysenberry, vanilla and gardenia. Full-bodied and complex. Fresh plum, fig paste and hints of toasted oak and mocha lead to graceful tannins, lingering finish. Only 1,200 cases produced.

Viamonte Reserva Malbec –Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina, page 32

This is a wonderful family of two brothers and their sister (Nicolás, Andrea, and Martín Celasso), who have a wonderful passion for making wine from their family’s vineyards. The Bodega Viamonte story began in 1973, when Carlos Arturo Celasso planted his first vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon in the district of Maipú, Mendoza. Since then, his family has been passionately involved in viticulture, and it has become their way of life. For 35 years, the Celasso family has produced quality grapes for choice wineries in the Mendoza region. Until… in 2007, the three kids had this great idea… pick the best of the best grapes from their family’s vineyards, and make wine, super great wine! As family, they get to choose the exact plots within each vineyard where they get to keep the very best grapes. Great idea! And thus started their family enterprise Bodega Viamonte. Their objective is to produce first-rate wines that are modern, balanced, easy to drink, and truly reflect their unique vineyards in Vistalba, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza – a special region known worldwide for its wine quality.

Tasting Notes – Aromas of dark berries and crushed plum meet touches of earth and melted licorice on this full-bodied Malbec. Rich, lush, and sexy, it presents flavors of currants, blackberries, quince, and chocolate, with notes of black pepper and tobacco on a velvety smooth finish. Unfiltered. Only 1,300 cases produced.

Tukma Reserva Malbec – Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina, page 232

This is an opportunity to taste Malbec from very high elevation vineyards in the extreme northwest mountainous region of Salta, Argentina. Long before the Spaniards arrived, the valleys and canyons of the Tukmanao, now Northwest Argentina, was the land of the indigenous Diaguitas people. The Diaguitas’ extremely sophisticated farming techniques were improved by the influence of the conquering Incas, and were later applied to the care of the vines brought by the Spaniards. Almost 500 years later Tukma, located in the heart of Tukmanao, saught to embrace the roots of the region with wines of unmistakable identity and unique characteristics. Tukma’s high altitude vineyards are located 5,600 feet above sea level, where there are over 320 days annually of clear skies, and the soil is shallow and stony with little organic matter. Renowned winemaker, José Munier, applies his expertise of this unique terroir to deliver wines with intense aromatics and sophisticated expression – still using the techniques introduced by the Diaguitas.

Tasting Notes – Voluminous; notes of plum, raisins and pepper with subtle notes of smoky vanilla. Intense structure with soft gentle tannins leading to a balanced and harmonious finish. 4,500 cases produced.

Siete Fincas Gran Secreto Malbec – Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina, page 46

The Siete Fincas wines from Mendoza Argentina are a fantastic line up of wines. Edgardo Stallocca is the mastermind behind these wines. I particularly like his Gran Secreto Malbec. This is his top-of-the-line Malbec! It is big and bold, rich and yet a smooth well balanced wine that has grand characteristics of Malbec. Siete Fincas was created by Edgardo Stallocca in 2000 to continue the viticultural tradition his grandfather, Juan Stallocca, began in Mendoza in 1904. Siete Fincas honors Edgardo’s childhood spent in the family bodega and vineyards. From the “siete fincas” (meaning seven farms) where Juan Stallocca once stood, Edgardo is transforming his family heritage into hand-crafted, premium wines. His grapes come from select vineyards located in Luján de Cuyo, Maipú, Valle de Uco, and Salta at high-elevation regions characterized by ideal weather conditions for the development of his expressive wines. So… now the “Big Secret” (Gran Secreto) is out of the bottle.

Tasting Notes – Aromas of fleshy crushed plum, roasted coffee, and undertones of anise and violet emerge in this rich and sophisticated Malbec. Round and full in texture, flavors of raspberry ganache envelop notes of toasted hazelnut & tart blackberry, leading to a deep and concentrated finish. Only 290 cases produced.

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