Bodega Colomé focuses on extreme high-altitude farming of the two traditional Argentine varietals of Malbec and Torrontés. Colomé vineyards are the highest in the world, ranging from 7,500’ to 10,206’ elevations. This altitude has a significant impact on the quality of the grapes. The higher the altitude, the greater exposure of the fruit to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Grapes develop thicker darker skins to protect themselves from the sun’s rays, which later accounts for more intense wines in color, aromas and flavors. The result is receiving high awards and will capture your palate’s attention.

Further, the land is farmed using agroecological and biodynamic principles, which consist of fertilization through organic compost and manure produced on their farm and vegetable gardens, the use of biodynamic preparations made up of organic matter and energies that stimulate living processes in the soil and the vines. This energy is also transmitted to the environment and builds up the mystical aura that characterizes Colomé.

Colomé also maintains their ancestral approach (the oldest winery in Argentina) to agricultural management, allowing for tasks to be planned in agreement with the sun, moon and planets’ rhythms, having a direct influence on the plant’s fluids contributing to a more harmonious growing of the vines. The goal is to keep balanced vines throughout the years and to grow healthy nutritious grapes with concentrated aromas, polyphenols and flavors, which will later produce intense, complex and balanced wines.

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Colomé Winery since 1831
In Valle Calchaquíes, Salta, Argentina

Bodega Colomé Estate Malbec

This wine has given the greatest recognition to the winery. The grapes come from their own farms at various altitudes. As it generates microclimates and varied terroirs, altitude is a factor that distinguishes Salta from the rest of the regions in Argentina and worldwide, and translates into outstanding expression and diversity in their wines.

Tasting Notes – Colomé Estate Malbec is a synthesis that brings together the different shades of this varietal at different heights in their own vineyards: intense and ripe fruit from La Brava Estate (elevation 5,577’), complexity and power from Colomé Estate (elevation 7,546’), elegance and freshness from El Arenal Estate (elevation 8,530’). It is bright red with intense aromas of black and red fruits, showing a perfumed nose of floral and spice notes. It is fresh and has a complex structure. It is elegant, with great personality.

Bodega Colomé Torrontés

Torrontés is the white icon grape of Argentina and it reaches its maximum splendor in the north of Argentina. The special microclimate of the Calchaquí Valley brings great thermal amplitude and higher solar exposure; thus, grapes develop unique aromas and a great freshness and excellent acidity. At Colomé, they look for a delicate, elegant, and distinguished interpretation of this variety. The grapes come mainly from their La Brava Estate (elevation 5,577’), which is considered the optimum elevation for this variety.

Tasting Notes – Colomé Torrontés is a delicate, elegant and distinguished interpretation of this variety, with floral notes of roses combined with citrus aromas and a spicy hint, making it ideal to match with ethnical food, such as Mexican, Peruvian and seafood. It is a golden color with tinges of green greet the glass, followed by distinct aromas of fresh flowers offset by notable citrus notes led by grapefruit, lime zest and lively spices. Crisp and fresh, lively with flavors that are both complex and elegant, the tropical flavors provide a welcomed counterpoint for delicate fish, shellfish, Asian Fusion cuisine and classic dishes such as a Nicoise salad or grilled vegetables.

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