Torrontés – The Liar


Torrontés is a white grape varietal exclusive to Argentina and with a very strong personality. It is affectionately nicknamed The Liar, because of its sweet floral and fruity nose of ripe peaches, followed by a surprise of dry crisp finish of grapefruit on the mouth. Torrontés is typically grown in a canopystyle to protect the grapes from the high-altitude sun exposure in the extreme northwest mountainous region of Salta, Argentina.

This is Argentina’s most radical wine region… The vineyards sit more than a mile above sea level at 5,500’ to 8,500’ elevations, planted within mountainous jagged red-rock formations. The wines from Salta are strong and flavorful, and with intense color, because of the high altitude. This intense exposure to the sun, the hot days with cold nights, temperature differences exceeding 35 degrees, and a tropical humidity that drifts south from the Amazon, all have created a microclimate perfect for naturally balanced acidity, luminosity and richness in the wines produced here.

The wines I have chosen for you here come from very small wineries, all family operations, who handcraft their special wines. Their production is in very limited quantities. The quality of these wines are extraordinary! These wines are hard to find as they are extremely limited in the United States. I have arranged this foursome at an unbelievable price for the great quality of these wines. See the wine details and tasting notes below.

Tukma Torrontés Reserva
Siete Fincas Torrontés
Bueyes Torrontés
Mi Terruño “Uvas” Torrontés

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The Wines

Here is the special offering of four remarkable Torrontés wines…

Tukma Torrontés Reserva – Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina, page 232

This is an opportunity to taste Torrontés from a winery located in this very high elevation terroir in the extreme northwest mountainous region of Salta, Argentina. Long before the Spaniards arrived, the valleys and canyons of the Tukmanao, now Northwest Argentina, was the land of the indigenous Diaguitas people. The Diaguitas’ extremely sophisticated farming techniques were improved by the influence of the conquering Incas, and were later applied to the care of the vines brought by the Spaniards. Almost 500 years later Tukma, located in the heart of Tukmanao, saught to embrace the roots of the region with wines of unmistakable identity and unique characteristics. Tukma’s high altitude vineyards are located 5,600 feet above sea level, where there are over 320 days annually of clear skies, and the soil is shallow and stony with little organic matter. Renowned winemaker, José Munier, applies his expertise of this unique terroir to deliver wines with intense aromatics and sophisticated expression – still using the techniques introduced by the Diaguitas.

Tasting Notes – This Torrontés is fresh, with bright fruity notes of white peach and citrus leading to a pleasant long and lasting finish. 3,500 cases produced.

Siete Fincas Torrontés – Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina, page 46

The Siete Fincas has a fantastic line up of wines. Edgardo Stallocca is the mastermind behind these wines. He produces a Torrontés and Sparkling Torrontés from Salta that are simply devine. Siete Fincas was created by Edgardo Stallocca in 2000 to continue the viticultural tradition his grandfather, Juan Stallocca, began in Mendoza in 1904. Siete Fincas honors Edgardo’s childhood spent in the family bodega and vineyards. From the “siete fincas” (meaning seven farms) where Juan Stallocca once stood, Edgardo is transforming his family heritage into hand-crafted, premium wines. His Torrontés grapes come from a select vineyard in Cafayate, Salta, in this very high-elevation region which is characterized by intense sun and extreme temperatures for the development of his delicious Torrontés wines.

Tasting Notes – This Torrontés greets you with fragrant notes of chamomile, lychee, and white peach. Vibrant yet supple, it delivers flavors of tangerine, rose petal, and apricots with notes of minerality on a refreshingly long finish. Only 350 cases produced.

Bueyes Torrontés – Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina, page 110

For generations, the Bianchetti family has been growing grapes in Valle de Uco, Mendoza. They have always known how good the region is for wine grapes. And so do others… the Bianchetti family has been selling their grapes to notable wineries for decades. Maybe this is how the word got out that this valley is gold? In the early 20th century, Isidro Ernesto Bianchetti immigrated to Argentina from Italy, where he and his father worked on the land with castrated bulls called oxen, or bueyes in Spanish (there was no machinery back then). Working hard, saving money, buying land in Valle de Uco, and planting vineyards are what he did with all his spare time and money. Decades later, grandson Jesús Bianchetti had a dream, inspired by the enterprising spirit of his grandfather, to now produce their own wines from certain special sections in their vineyards. He saw using the very best grapes from the family’s numerous vineyards, cultivating them for the highest quality output, pruning extensively to one bottle per plant… all to achieve the greatest concentration of aroma and color, with soft tannins. Today, Bueyes is the name of Bianchetti’s wines, a tribute to the hardworking animals and the efforts and sacrifices of past generations.

Tasting Notes – Fresh welcoming notes of lychee, gardenia, and bright citrus. Medium-bodied with vibrant acidity, notes of tangerines and mangos meet a hint of minerality on a round yet zippy finish. Only 1,600 cases produced.

Mi Terruño “Uvas” Torrontés

The Biagorria family has been involved in the Mendoza wine industry since 1960; first with the purchase of their own vineyards and later, in 2004, with their own winery. Located in the picturesque town of San Roque, Maipú, the winery was retrofitted from an old glass tile factory – combining new technology with traditional wine making techniques. Mi Terruño, (meaning my terroir), is managed by a brother-sister duo: Gabriel Biagorria, Commercial Director and Maria Eugenia Biagorria, Winemaker. Under Maria Eugenia’s guidance, the Mi Terruño wines are driven by the unique expression of their own terroir and embodies their most important treasure, the grapes.

Tasting Notes – This friendly white wine welcomes you with aromas of fresh white flowers, mango, and sliced green apple. Crisp and balanced acidity supports refreshing flavors of lemon and hibiscus on the palate, leaving you with a clean and slightly zippy finish. 2,500 cases produced.

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