Join Michael on a Study Abroad program

Receive full college credit for an amazing adventure into the wine regions.


  • • Explore wine at the source; from Agronomists (farmers) and Oenologists (winemakers)
  • • Discover how grapes are optimally grown and premium wine is made; in the vineyards and wineries
  • • Probe the culture of wine; socializing with the Argentines; see how food & wine is integral in their culture
  • • Examine how tourism and hospitality works; customer service in action at wineries, restaurants and hotels
  • • Critique the culture and dramatic history of the big city life
  • • Differentiate the culture of rural life on horseback riding
  • • Contribute by actively participating in food preparation and wine parings; with professional chefs and sommeliers
  • • Accomplish the principals of tourism photography, defining subjects and use of lighting & composition, and acquire an understanding of how to make a photo communicate a 1000 words
  • • Optional: Produce a professional newsletter that we will publish for you, advancing your skills of photojournalism from an award-winning author and photographer
  • •• We will open your eyes to things that you never thought about in this life-changing enriching experience
  • Imagine a Study Abroad trip THIS MUCH FUN… where you get to immerse yourself in eating creative, authentic, mouthwatering foods and tasting spectacular, top-level, delicious wines


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