“Michael Higgins’ writing is informative, lively, discriminating and full of recommendations beyond just wine tasting. His photography is drop-dead gorgeous. Reviewed are more than 100 wineries and 60 restaurants spread across Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. This book (and e-book) are now the reference point for anyone planning a winery excursion through California’s Central Coast.”
– James Moroney III

Publisher Emeritus, The Dallas Morning News

“As with his other chronicles, Michael Higgins has done excellent work highlighting what is compelling about the Central Coast Wine Regions. His enthusiasm is infectious.”

– Ian Brand

Vintner/Winemaker, Ian Brand Winery

“Michael nails it with his latest photographic essay of the Central Coast wine district. I will be recommending it to all my members as the quintessential tome for travel to the wine country. Congrats!”

– Paul Kalemkarian

President, Original Wine of the Month Club

“Michael Higgins’ Exploring Wine Regions books are full of enticing photography and a delightful mix of grape-growing science, winemaker profiles, and loads of fun things to do. Plenty of information to satisfy the novice as well as the expert.”
– Neal Vitale

President, Wine & Food Society of Hollywood

“I have enjoyed the Exploring Wine Regions series of books by Michael Higgins and always look forward to the next! They have become my personal and professional gifts for all occasions! Michael has been able to capture my dreams of the life I imagined in a written journey. They are true love letters to the world of fine wine and amazing travel!! And, the fabulous photos make everyone’s life brighter one sip at a time! Incredibly Special!”

– Michelle Bright, DDS


“All of the personalities, history and science is so interesting. It’s hard for me to imagine all the time and effort and expertise that went into this book!! I have so much more to read, but I already foresee many awards and accolades. Very impressive. Can’t wait to gift some copies.”

– Jim Ullery


“Excellent author. Michael is a highly professional person with good judgment and is dedicated to his work. Anyone can tell that he enjoys what he does as it is reflected in his beautiful photographs and descriptions of the places he travels.”

– Agustin Perzabel

Perzabel Vineyard & Winery Tours

“I love it, love it, love it! Already used it to make some recommendations to friends about central coast wineries about which I want very familiar. ”

– Jim Moroney

Proprietor, Sixmilebridge Vineyards

“I took the time to immerse myself in this book and very sincerely Bravo! It is exactly the guide I like to buy when I visit an area. Pictures are beautiful, it makes you want to go further. The texts are extremely clear with a lot of very practical information. I feel that the author knows the subject perfectly and it makes you want to follow him.”
– Laure de Lambert Compeyrot

Château Sigalas Rabaud

“I’ve witnessed Michael’s journey through Bordeaux since his very first trip. His thoroughness, passion and commitment to excellence is impressive! and contagious! Michael fell in love with Bordeaux wines like I did. Because of Michael, I’m inspired to produce books of his quality!”
– Laurent Moujon

Publisher, Bordeaux Tourism Editions

“Michael’s been relentless in his pursuit of learning Bordeaux and all its complexities over the last three years. I have seen him in action…the detailed questions…the patience to get the best photograph…the results are noteworthy in his new book. The wines of Bordeaux are very lucky to have someone as passionate as Michael to share his experience with readers across the globe. A must have for anyone interested in wine or travel!”
– Brinda Bouhris

Director of Winevox (wine education and marketing services to the Wine Industry)

“Living in France, I have been to Bordeaux many times and this book reminds me of the great châteaux and opens my eyes to new places I have not yet discovered. I am a huge photography fan and I love the many beautiful photographs that make this book.”
– Julian Failles Senton

Food & Beverage Director, The Town Club

“Love the book and how it captures the essence of Saint-Émilion, which is so much more than just wine. I am very happy Michael has written about the importance of our UNESCO village, a world first for a vineyard. He has brought to life our vineyards and gastronomic experiences through his beautiful photography. It will be an honor to welcome you here.”
– Guy-Petrus Lignac

President of the Tourism Office of Saint-Émilion

“This book is the ultimate showcase of one of the best wine regions in the world in terms of wine and wine tourism!”
– Catherine Leparmentier Dayot

Managing Director, Great Wine Capitals Global Network

“This is the Best Wine Book I have ever seen. I am so impressed! Once I started, I couldn’t stop. The photos are fantastic! We are re-creating our travel plans because of Exploring Wine Regions.”
– Leonard Gelfand

Owner of Gelfand Vineyards, Former President of Farmers Insurance Business Group

“Exploring Wine Regions is a lovely book. The way you laid it out and many of the photos are top notch.”
– Karen MacNeil

Best Selling Author – The Wine Bible, Chairman of the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies, Culinary Institute of America

“This is the Best Wine Book I have ever seen. I am so impressed! Once I started, I couldn’t stop. The photos are fantastic! We are re-creating our travel plans because of Exploring Wine Regions.”
– Leonard Gelfand

Owner of Gelfand Vineyards, Former President of Farmers Insurance Business Group

“Exploring Wine Regions, I like it. It is a wonderful work promoting the great wines and wine culture of Argentina.”
– Paul Hobbs

Winemaker/Consultant. Forbes Magazine calls him “The Steve Jobs of Wine” and twice named “Wine Personality of The Year” by Robert Parker. Hobbs is credited with bringing the Argentina wine region into global attention.

“Hey Michael, this is Michelle Bright. I want to let you know that I ordered a couple of your Argentina books. I’ve since ordered a 12 more. I have given a total of 13 of them as gifts and have people asking me to order more because they have friends they think will enjoy it. So, it’s a great book. It’s a big hit. I am reading it cover to cover. I’m just partway through it because it’s so fabulous. I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying it. Thanks, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.”
– Dr. Michelle Bright, DDS

Voicemail message by pilot, dentist, wine traveling fan

“Exploring Wine Regions is AMAZING! The photos are beautiful! An incredible job showcasing the unique character of Mendoza. Love the layout and organization. Definitely surpasses my knowledge of Argentina.”
– Shelbi Herring

President of Copa Fina Wine Imports (Importers of handcrafted wines from South America)

“Very readable and interesting. I like the food information as much as the wine. The pictures are beautiful and very enticing.”
– Betty Reinke

Owner of Main Street Books, Wine Lover & Argentina Traveler

“A fine piece of Argentine Wine Industry.”
– Santiago Achaval

Head Winemaker at Achaval-Ferrer Winery, Highest Scoring (98pts) Winemaker in Argentina

“Michael is a top-notch photographer. His enthusiasm towards his projects, eye for composition and lighting, and willingness to go to great lengths to get the shot is very impressive. He utilizes the beauty that surrounds us, without over-influencing with artificial or manipulated lighting or post-production tricks. A true photographer’s photographer.”
– Matthew Levy

Marketing and E-commerce Manager at Schramsberg Vineyards

“After taking aerial photos for over 45 years, I consider myself a good judge on the subject matter and Michael Higgins is on the top of his game. The work that he produces for Flying Adventures magazine is spectacular. His pictures make you want to drop what you are doing, get in your plane and fly to his destination photo layout. Michael is able to capture the essence and mood of some of the most breath taking places on earth from his aerial photo platform. If it’s the best aerial photography that you want, then Michael Higgins is your man.”
– John Rippinger

President & CVO, The Rippinger Financial Group of Companies, Vice President and #6 Pilot of the Lima Lima Flight Team

“Michael’s aerial & travel photography is of a very high caliber. He has a great eye for composition, superb technical skill and a knack for capturing challenging situations such as low-light wine caves, sweeping scenic landscapes, or multiple elements within a shot. His outgoing manner makes him great at photographing people without making them feel self-conscious. I would recommend him as a very fine lifestyle/editorial photographer who appreciates and has a passion for Napa Valley’s food, wine, art, and people.”
– Eden Umble

Marketing & Hospitality Director, Calistoga Visitors Bureau

“As long-time professional in both the aviation industry and press, I know the difficulties of getting the right shot from the air, so I have been very impressed by the outstanding work of Michael. While other artists try to make earth from above look geometrical, he reminds us our planet is made of violent curves and waves.”
– Philippe de Segovia

Director Product Marketing Airplane Business Unit at DAHER-SOCATA

“Michael is a renaissance man. An entrepreneur, publisher, pilot, photographer, writer, and all around good guy. His creative approach to increasing the profile of our hotels in his stellar magazine has helped launch and position some of our properties within our desired target market. Michael has been a joy to work with.”
– Larry Broughton

Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning CEO & Entrepreneur, Hotelier, Veteran

“Michael is an outstanding entrepreneur, aviation publisher and aviation advocate. His magazine is one of the best made publications of its kind. Michael’s dedication and professionalism are widely respected throughout the aviation community nationwide.”
– Pierre A. Kandorfer, Ph.D.

Author, Writer, Producer, Director, Media & PR Consultant, Commercial Pilot

“I worked with Michael and the Flying Adventures Media Group for nearly six years and developed a great respect for Michael’s exceptional business talent. Michael’s ability to provide positive and creative solutions for nearly every business situation was truly inspiring. Michael’s time spent assessing, analyzing and strategizing clientele needs is certainly evident in each and every issue of Flying Adventures Magazine (FAM). This is why FAM is one of most respected publications in the aviation marketplace.”
– Jerry Brown

Vice President Business Development, Flying Adventures Media

“Michael is an inspirational outside-the-box individual in everything he does. He is extreme in his thinking and demands the same from those he chooses to associate with. Michael has never delivered anything less than WOW projects to his numerous clients. Michael has been an inspiration in my life – one of the people who have made a difference. This man has meant so much to me, that he stood by my side as the best man at my wedding… so what could I say that would show more respect and admiration for this man than to stand next to me when I stood before God.”
– John Occhi

Vice President, The Higgins Group

“We have been on six adventures with Michael. It doesn’t get any better or easier than just arriving! We sit back and relaxed while he takes us on amazing and magical fun filled tours of the very best wine regions have to offer. The wines were superb, the food incredible and the people ‘behind the labels’ shared their unique stories to make our experiences extra special. The Calistoga Adventure… we will always remember that Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next one.”
– Rodger and Lori Parker

“The best part about Michael organizing our tour: all the hard work was already accomplished, the best locations were chosen. There was nothing left to do but enjoy. Being on a tour with other wine lovers was extra enjoyable because we already had something in common with everyone else and could share stories of other trips and wine experiences.”
– Lee and Carolyn Jones

“I just wanted to send you a big Texas thank you for the picture of Charity of I you photographed at the “Castle of Love”. I have printed a copy and have it framed on my bedside table. It’s the best picture we’ve ever had taken together. It truly shows how happy we are on your Wine Region Adventures.”
– Richard Burr and Charity King

“We often look to your publications to decide on destinations for our trips, so we were excited by the opportunity to be part of your fantastic excursions. We enjoyed every aspect of the Valentine trip: the food & wine pairings, behind the scenes tours, meeting winemakers, the wonderful accommodations, and getting to blend our own wine. It was a great experience with so many events being arranged exclusively for us. We enjoyed meeting many friendly people with similar interests, we’re looking forward to the next time we can join you.”
– Glen Green and Sharon Van Patten

“You really put together a first-class experience, at a modest price. What makes it so enjoyable is everything is a little surprise, because we did not have the headaches of planning all the little details. It’s the little details that make the difference. Meeting everyone in the group was very rewarding. The hosts and winemakers could not have been friendlier, so I hope to see some of them again on a future trip, which will happen, because you did such a nice job on this one!”
– Brian and Robin Cahill

“Dr. Higgins does everything 1st class or not at all!”
– Mike Goering

“I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday!”
– Carol Ditto

“Thank you soooo much for creating such a fabulous/fun trip. You sure know how to put together a great adventure. This is the best trip I have ever taken!”
– Mia Knox

“It was hard to imagine topping the last Valentines Fly-In, yet this trip was even more amazing. Everything we did was so special and quite unique… actually bottling wine, playing with sheep in the vineyards, visiting not-open-to-the-public wineries and learning from their winemakers, behind the scenes romance at the Hearst Castle, blending our own wines, bottling vodka & gin, makeup and hair boosters to prepare for the rest of the day, and… the best hamburger we have ever tasted… you outdid it once again!”
– Jim and Jill de Varennes

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