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Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast

Honored with THREE BOOK AWARDS (as of November 7, 2023)

Winner: Best Travel Guide of 2023

American BookFest announces its 20th Annual Best Book Awards honoring Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast as the Best Travel Guide of 2023 in one of the world’s largest international book award programs for mainstream, indie, and self-published titles. This is a huge recognition as many of the winning books were published by the large mainstream publishing companies, such as Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Hachette Books, etc. To be considered the best travel book in the world against these mainstream established publishing houses is a huge honor.

Award Announcements    2023 Winners

Winner: Best Photography Book of 2023

American BookFest announces its 20th Annual Best Book Awards honoring Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast as the Best Photography Book of 2023 in one of the world’s largest international book award programs for mainstream, indie, and self-published titles. This is a huge recognition as many of the winning books were published by the large mainstream publishing companies, such as Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Hachette Books, etc. To be considered the best photography book in the world against these mainstream established publishing houses is a huge honor.

Award Announcements    2023 Winners


The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) announces its 41th Annual “Pinnacle Book Achievement Award” 2023 Winners honoring the finest books published this year. Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast was awarded the Best Wine Travel GUIDE of 2023.

Award Certificate    2023 Winners

Winner: Second-Best Gift Book of 2023

American BookFest announces its 20th Annual Best Book Awards honoring Exploring Wine Regions – California Central Coast as the Second-Best Gift Guide of 2023 in one of the world’s largest international book award programs for mainstream, indie, and self-published titles. This is a huge recognition as many of the winning books were published by the large mainstream publishing companies, such as Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Hachette Books, etc. To be second in the world against these mainstream established publishing houses is a real honor.

Award Announcements    2023 Winners

Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France

Honored with TEN BOOK AWARDS
Five Gold Medals. Four Silver Medals. And An Honorable Mention.


The New York City Big Book Award is a significant achievement because Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France was up against the big established publishing houses in New York. Winning against Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, etc. is a major accomplishment that makes us very proud and appreciative.

The competition was judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry: publishers, writers, editors, book designers and professional copywriters. Selected award winners and distinguished favorites were based on overall excellence.

Award Announcements    2020 Winners

Winner: GOLD MEDALIST – Best Travel Guidebook of 2021

The Independent Publisher Book Awards announced its 25th Annual IPPY Awards honoring Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France with the top spot as the Best Travel Book of 2021. This is a huge recognition as the IPPY Awards is largest book awards contest in the world with over 70,000 entries geared to reward those independent publishers who exhibit the courage, innovation and creativity to bring about change in the world of publishing.

Since 1996, the Independent Publisher Book Awards has identified a reading list of progressive, thought-provoking books, the kind that can touch lives, advance careers, and stretch our imaginations. Recognizing excellence in independent publishing, the IPPY Awards showcase these books in the first unaffiliated awards program exclusively for independent, university and self-published titles.

Award Certificate      2021 Winners

Winner: GOLD MEDALIST – Best Regional Book of 2021

The Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (IBPPG) announces its 15th annual Next Generation Indie Book Awards winners. Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France wins the Gold Medal for the Best Regional Book of 2021 for its exceptional representation of a geographic region in a non-fiction book.

IBPPG is an organization aimed to promote professional standards in independent book publishing, and co-sponsors the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the largest non-profit book awards program in the world, to recognize and honor the most exceptional independently published books of the year in more than 70 categories.

Award Certificate      2021 Winners

Exploring Wine Regions wins SILVER MEDAL as Best Travel Book in 2021

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Announces Winners in the 33rd Annual Benjamin Franklin Awards for Excellence in Book Publishing. Out of more than 1,700 books considered, Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France won the silver medal of the Best Travel Books published in this year’s very competitive and esteemed indie book award program recognizing excellence in books published.

Award Certificate      2021 Winners

Runner Up: Best Travel Guidebook of 2021

American BookFest announces its 12th Annual International Book Awards honoring Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France with the silver medal as the Best Travel Guide of 2021 in the world. This is a huge recognition as many of the winning books were published by the large mainstream publishing companies, such as Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Hachette Books, etc. To be second in the world against these mainstream established publishing houses is a real honor.

Press Release      2021 Winners

Runner-Up: BEST WINE BOOK OF 2021 -and- BEST TRAVEL BOOK OF 2021

The National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) announced its 15th annual finalist recognizing books that demonstrate overall excellence through a synergy of form and content, particularly championing self-publishing and small independent presses for going the extra mile to produce books of excellence in every aspect. Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France was honored with two awards, as the runner-up for Best Wine Book of 2021 and Best Travel Book of 2021.

Award Certificate      2021 Winners


Literary Excellence of Ontario Canada announces the winners of their Book Excellence Awards, honoring Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France as the runner-up of the Best Photography Book of 2021 recognizing excellence in beautiful photography in a book. The Book Excellence Awards is an international awards competition dedicated to providing authors from all genres and backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work on a global platform in over 100 unique categories.

Award Certificate      2021 Winners


The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) announces its 38th Annual “Pinnacle Book Achievement Award” 2020 Winners honoring the finest books published this year. Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France wins the Best Wine and Travel Book of 2020.

Award Certificate    2020 Winners


American BookFest announces its 17th Annual “Best Book” Award honoring Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France with the top spot as GOLD WINNER, the Best Travel Guide of 2020.

We are in the best of company as the “Best Book” team has awarded some of the biggest names: Amy Tan, Anne Lamott, Brad Thor, Clive Barker, Kitty Kelley, Anne Geddes, Julie Andrews, Jude Deveraux and many other. Awarded books have included: Oprah, The Secret, The First Commandment, Guerrilla Marketing, Someone to Love, Merlin Saga (Disney film), Stitches, and Saving Fish from Drowning.

Award Announcement      2020 Winners

Honorable Mention: Best Travel Book of 2020

Forward Reviews, the esteemed magazine since 1998 for booksellers and librarians to discover great books from indie presses, also presents the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards to showcase the talent of established university and independent press titles. Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France received an Honorable Mention in the Best Travel Book of The Year category. Well aware of the challenges faced by small publishers, Forward’s goal is to highlight deserving books that not only meet our editorial standards, but also blow their minds – to their audience.

Award Certificate      Press Release

Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina

Honored with TWO AWARDS. Both are 1st Place Gold Medal wins.

Exploring Wine Regions wins THE GOLD – Best Travel Book in 2017

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Announces the Gold Winners in their 29th Annual Benjamin Franklin Awards for Excellence in Book Publishing. Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina was honored with the first place gold medal as the Best Travel Book in 2017.

The IBPA chose from what was considered to be the best 1,400 books published during the year and gave these books to 150 industry professionals to judge over a six-month period of time. The results, one gold winner was named in each of fifty-five categories, awarding Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina the GOLD MEDAL of TRAVEL BOOKS in this year’s esteemed indie book award program recognizing excellence in books published.

IBPA Press Announcement      Franklin Award Certificate


The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) announces its 34th Annual “Pinnacle Book Achievement Award” 2016 Winners honoring the finest books published this year. Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina wins the Best Travel and Wine Book of 2016.

Award Certificate    2016 Winners

Michael C. Higgins, PhD Awarded (CWAS) California Wine Appellation Specialist

Through a rigorous curriculum designed by Master Sommelier David Glancy at the San Francisco Wine School, studies include each of the California wine appellations, their grapes and unique terroir. Our Michael Higgins successfully completed the course, passed with honors, recognized for his mastery of California Wines.

Michael’s Blog      CWAS Award Certificate

Wine Tasting & Autographing Books

Lots of fun at Monopole Wine Shop & Wine Tasting Bar in Pasadena California, with lots of Exploring Wine Regions books being signed and excellent wines sipped. Thank you everyone for your support.

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Fantastic Wine Tours

“Michael C. Higgins from Pasadena, California, has tirelessly pursued the best wine regions in France and worldwide for more than 20 years. His travel expeditions and adventures have made him a world-class wine expert. They have also spawned a series of magazine articles, travel guides, and coffee table books, including his latest one about Bordeaux he also photographed and wrote the text for.

Higgin’s company, Exploring Wine Regions, includes a wine touring division which offers various wine touring options, such as custom-designed itineraries for one- and two-week wine trips, an extensive study abroad program for full college credit, and private, small group tours with Michael.”

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– Richard Nahem, Travel Awaits

An international travel magazine for 591,000 monthly readers

Wine Tasting at The PWQA Virtual Convention

Michael Higgins (Author/Photographer of Exploring Wine Regions) and Peter Dills (Radio Talk Show Host of Dining with Dills) for an hour of entertainment as they discuss wine tasting and wine regions around the world. After days of technical and legislative classes, the members of the Pacific Water Quality Association’s Annual Convention took a break to enjoy wine tasting fun with Peter and Michael in this stand-up hour of fun and knowledge of enjoying wine and travels to wine regions.

Watch The Event

WINE TASTING (2017) – A Feature Film

Wine Tasting presents the damage that high-pressure careers cause in the lives of four men. John, Mateo, Franco and Ed are good friends and professional wine tasters. They sacrifice considerable sums of money and time in order to pass the sommelier exam. Their relationship is tested when one out of the four guys doesn’t pass – leading to a series of scandalous repercussions. Directed by Josh Mitchell. Written by Justin Samuels.

Exploring Wine Regions is the textbook used in the film by the guys studying to pass the sommelier exam, along with Michael C. Higgins, PhD, the book’s author, as their Wine Educator teaching and inspiring them to pass this extremely difficult exam.


Book Giveaways

“With a passion for wine and travel, author and photographer Michael C. Higgins delves deep into the history of Bordeaux, which he refers to as the “center of the universe for wine.” Combining wine education, insiders travel guide and his spectacular photography, Higgins continues to dazzle his audience with another informative and beautiful book. Higgins helps readers understand the complexities of Bordeaux wine by presenting each region separately and explaining their nuances. He helps them navigate their own way through this historic wine region by highlighting the chateaux, including the ones where you can stay in their castles, restaurants and experiences with detailed maps and insider tips.”

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– The Good Life France

One of the world’s largest travel and culture magazines about France

Terroirs+Travels in Argentina – Malbec Wine Aroma Class

Train your senses on the Aromas & Tastes of Malbec Wines

Enjoy an interactive experience with Malbec Expert and Author/Photojournalist Michael C. Higgins, PhD and Sommelier and Wine Educator Jean-Baptiste Dhalluin for a fun and educational hands-on afternoon thinking outside the glass in Argentina.

Watch the Interview of Michael by Jean-Baptiste Here

Manhattan Media Event

A Taste of Argentina, November 2016, New York City
An interactive wine tasting experience for journalist of the top Travel, Wine and Culinary magazines of New York.

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New York Book Signings, Wine Tastings, EWR Presentations

Author attended wine tastings in book stores and wine shops
Interactive experience of sipping wine, learning about Argentina and getting books autographed

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Making Its Debut

BEA – BookExpo America, May 11-15, 2016, Chicago, IL

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Live Interviews & Radio/TV Appearances

The Donna Seebo Show (featuring book authors)

Are you ready to travel to California? We are traveling to wine country. Meet Michael Higgins who has traveled around the world collecting all kinds of information about the wine industry, particularly people who are engaged in producing some of the best wines in the world.

Donna Seebo is an international mental practitioner, psychic, award-winning author, counselor, speaker, teacher, and radio talk show personality on BBS Radio, which broadcasts worldwide. Her daily live talk radio show is celebrating 22 years of positive and informative programming with authors and experts from around the world who have shared their insights.

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What’s Cookin’ Today

Host Michael Horn (Founder of CRN Talk Radio Network) and Guest Michael Higgins (Author/Photojournalist) have a fun conversation about the wine regions of the Central Coast of California. Educational. Entertaining. Humorous.

CRN Digital Talk Radio syndicates the best in talk radio to broadcast radio, cable television and multiple digital platforms, including coverage on KABC, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Roku and many more outlets.  Visit for more information.

Click here to listen    Click Here for Entire Show


“Chords, Vines & Dines” with Kat Ellis and Tom Plant

Hosts Tom Plant and Kat Ellis explore the world of music, wine and food in a weekly podcast visiting with musical artists, authors, chefs, and winemakers. Aired on Sundays at 3:00 pm PSD on iHeart, Spotify, RSS Podcasts, CVD Radio, Rephonic, Audacy, Boomplay, and Amazon Music.

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“What’s Cookin’ on Wine” with Michael Horn and Nicole Nielsen

What’s Cookin’ on Wine is a live weekly radio show on CRM Digital Talk Radio from 6:00pm to 7:00pm Mondays. On this live wine show, Mike and Nicole discuss wines from around the world to an international audience of wine lovers.

This episode was an exciting conversation about traveling to Bordeaux France with Mike, Nicole and Photojournalist Michael C. Higgins in an entertaining conversation between these three wine lovers.

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“Atout France” – Bordeaux France Masterclass
Presented by Exploring Wine Regions and Atout France (France’s tourism organization)

Travel with us to the cobbled streets and lush vineyards of Bordeaux. Our host Michael C. Higgins, MBA, PhD, author of Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France, takes us through the region, from the city center of Bordeaux to the surrounding wineries of the Médoc, Margaux and Pauillac appellations and Graves, Pessac-Léognan and Sauternes appellations, and more, ripped from the pages of his book.

Dr. Higgins has special guest: Luc Planty, proprietor of one of the most beloved wine estates of the Sauternes region: Chateau Guiraud, a First-Growth Premier Grand Cru Classé of 1855. Luc and Michael explore a bit of his domain, which boasts excellent wines and a very interesting property, as well as a wine pairing of how Sauternes wine pairs very well with poultry.

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WINE TALKS is the show that digs a little deeper, goes a little further and scratches the surface a little more… about everything wine. This show reveals behind the scenes in the wine industry. It may seem glamorous and chichi… but wait until you hear what really happens.

This episode reveals exploring the wine regions of the world with Photojournalist Michael C. Higgins in an entertaining conversation between these two wine lovers.

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Get ready to stamp your passport. The Second Line Show has put together a virtual excursion to the heart of France through “you-need-to-know” talented authors experiences, writing, culture and cuisine!

The Final Stop BORDEAUX!! We have Michael C. Higgins, PhD with us for this Tour and he has taken some of the most beautiful photos of the French wineries for his book: Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France!

Link to video

“Dining With Dills“ – with Peter Dills on Go Country 105FM

Peter Dills is L.A.’s “King of Cuisine” and talks about restaurants, chefs, food, wine, and in this episode, talks with Michael C. Higgins about the release of his new book Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France. Dining With Dills is a Weekly Show aired live on Facebook on Wednesday, Sundays on Go Country 105FM, and archived on the Dining With Dills Podcast.

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“Featured Guest on The Donna Seebo Show

This is a great time to dream and plan to go places. We will be traveling to France and Michael Higgins, author of Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France will be our guide. I promise you a great trip so have some paper and pen to make notes.

On BBS Radio, broadcasted worldwide, this daily live talk radio show is celebrating 19 years of positive and informative programming with authors and experts from around the world who have shared their insights. (30 min length)

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BookExpo Live Filmed Interview – by IBPA CEO Angela Bole (Independent Book Publishers Association)

Angela Bole Interviews Author/Photographer Michael C. Higgins, PhD at BookExpo about the debut of his new book: Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina. BookExpo brings together over 1,000 companies from over 25 countries in a three-day conference of 17,000 book publishing professionals. (7 min length)

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On Show Live – Rudy Maxa’s World (America’s #1 travel radio show)

Radio interview with EWR’s Author/Photographer Michael C. Higgins, PhD by Travel Journalist Rudy Maxa on Rudy Maxa’s World with The Careys, America’s #1 Travel Radio Show, with a weekly audience of 1.4 million upscale leisure and business travelers via 260+ primarily news/talk radio stations. (8 min length)

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Straight Off The Menu – with Peter Dills & Mike Bingley (Weekly TV Food Show)

I have never heard of anything like this. This is so cool. ‘Exploring Wine Regions’ He has brought books back to popularity, that’s for sure. I love it. I love it. I love it. Michael Higgins, good job. This is really exciting. I can use Exploring Wine Regions as a guide. We are going to bring this with us, and go – I want to go there.” This Weekly TV Food Show, is aired live on Facebook every Monday, AT&T & Time Warner on Fridays on channels 32 & 39, and Spectrum on Saturdays and Sundays.


EDITED – HIGGINS ONLY (13 minutes)

A Kind Voice on Books, by Host Erin Rae Daniels

Radio interview with EWR’s Author/Photographer Michael C. Higgins, PhD by Host Erin Rae Daniels on A Kind Voice on Books, where they bring together like-minded bibliophiles to discuss their passion for books and writing. (52 min length)

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On The Air with The Wine Guy

Talk Show Guest on The Good Life Show, with Host, Mike Wreyford (The Wine Guy)
A weekly live radio talk show covering topics on food, wine, travel, and lifestyle. (29 min length)

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Featured Guest on The Donna Seebo Show

On BBS Radio, broadcasted worldwide, listen to Dr. Higgins share entertaining and informative stories about Argentina and Malbec wines with Donna Seebo. This daily live talk radio show is celebrating 15 years of positive and informative programming with authors and experts from around the world who have shared their insights. (31 min length)

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Print Publications & Social Media Blogs

Holiday Gifting Guide 2023: The Best Wine Books

Drinking is a full-body experience, gift these wine books to the vinous reader in your life.

“My New Year’s resolution for 2024 is going to be to read more, and I thought one of the best ways to do that would be to read more wine books! Through my research, I found some absolute gems, and I think the reader in your life who also enjoys the finer things will appreciate each and every one of these books. For novices, for hobbyists, for collectors, and for professionals, there’s a book for everyone! Here are my picks for the best Wine Books to give as gifts in 2023”

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– Matthew Kaner, MEN’S JOURNAL MAGAZINE, Gift Guide

Men's Journal is the world's largest men's magazine internationally, with 14.8 million monthly unique visitors digitally in the USA

Wine Country Guide

“Exploring Wine Regions — Central Coast of California is the ultimate guide to California’s famous Central Coast for food, wine, and travel enthusiasts. Peppered with beautiful photos by Michael C. Higgins, the guide offers a wealth of information, fuels wanderlust, and whets your appetite.”

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– Gina Birch, Gulf & Main

Southwest Florida’s Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Whisk Your Favorite Oenophile To Wine Country Without Leaving Home
The next best thing to being there

“Over the holidays many folks will no doubt be headed to the storied vineyards of the Central Coast, stretching from Monterey County south to Santa Barbara. San Luis Obispo County is particularly alluring given Paso Robles’ star status as the country’s top wine region this year, according to USA Today’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards.”

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– Cherish Whyte, Flavor Writer, New Times

The Largest Circulated Paper in San Luis Obispo County

Your Next Central Coast Wine Tour Book
Santa Barbara County Stars in the Latest Exploring Wine Regions Edition by Michael Higgins

“Given the confluence of beautiful landscapes, colorful characters, and wines that compete globally in quality while overdelivering in affordability, you really can’t say enough about the Central Coast these days.

When photographer, magazine publisher, and airplane pilot Michael Higgins realized this, the lifelong Southern Californian decided to showcase this area in the latest edition of his Exploring Wine Regions series, which previously touched on Bordeaux and Argentina. Just released in October, the 431-page, full-color The Central Coast of California: Discovering Great Wines, Phenomenal Foods and Amazing Tourism is a personal tour through the tasting rooms, restaurants, and hotels of Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara counties.

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– Matt Kettmann, Senior Editor, Santa Barbara Independent

News, Arts, and Alternative Newspaper published since 1986 in Santa Barbara, California

“Anyone planning a trip to California’s Central Coast would benefit from getting a copy of “Exploring Wine Regions: The Central Coast of California” by Michael C. Higgins.

There is a lot of detail about the wine-growing region with a focus on 102 high-quality wineries in the region’s 27 sub-AVAs. A reader gets to know the region’s attractions — places to stay and eat — as well as the grape varieties and climate. There are also good maps to help you navigate local roads.”

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– Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr, Capital Gazette

A Daily Newspaper In Baltimore Maryland, Founded in 1727

“You’ll discover that this book is a love letter of sorts to a romantic land and way of life, one that Higgins unabashedly adores and wishes that you would fall in love with as well. Higgins interviewed scores of people who make Bordeaux sparkle. He recommends dozens of restaurants and accommodations — all unique with notable je ne sais quoi.

You needn’t be a wine whiz to appreciate Bordeaux or this book. Higgins is eager to show you a variety of experiences. This book is organized with meticulous details, leaving no grape unturned. If sumptuous photography and vivid descriptions of gorgeous scenery, castles, wine and food whet your appetite, then rendezvous with the new Exploring Wine Regions Bordeaux, France by Michael C. Higgins, Ph.D., whose travel and wine expertise impresses.”

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– Laura Manske, Contributor, Travel

FORBES Magazine, 83 Million Monthly Readers

“The inside front-cover double-page spread of the holiday issue of Decanter Magazine, entitled The Art of Wine, is photographed by Michael C. Higgins, Exploring Wine Regions’ photographer. This is very exciting because it’s the first thing readers see when they open the magazine.”

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– Michael C. Higgins, Photographer, Decanter Magazine

The oldest consumer wine publication in the United Kingdom

“MERLOT, The Queen of Bordeaux

Our author and photographer, Michael C. Higgins, is guest writer for The Good Life France Magazine creating an 8-Page Feature Story exploring Saint-Émilion in Bordeaux and its Right Bank queen – Merlot!”

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– Michael C. Higgins, The Good Life France Magazine

One of the world’s largest travel and culture magazines about France

“A perfect gift for any travel or wine lover. Higgins offers a true insider’s travel guide to the region’s best vineyard, winemakers, charming cities, incredible chateaux, sites, hotels, restaurants, and more.”

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– Aniesia Williams, Destination Luxury Magazine

Bringing luxury hospitality to 92,000 monthly readers

“This book is quintessential to read/have as your bible for all things Bordeaux. It is worth it to read this book just on the incredible photography alone — but the information also is extensive, up to date, well-laid out and by all accounts totally complete. This is all you need to review before booking a flight from wherever you are in the world to go to Bordeaux.”

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– Stu Nudelman, WSET 2, Sommelier, Simply The Best, Magazine

Award-winning publication for South Florida’s most affluent residents

“Calling all wine lovers. There’s a new book coming out this month that promises a healthy dose of escapism. Packed with 950 spectacular photographs, “Exploring Wine Regions: Bordeaux” is part coffee-table book, part wine guide and part travel guide to the region of Bordeaux from wine writer and expert Michael C. Higgins.

You’ll enjoy entertaining stories on an educational journey exploring the top wine regions of Médoc (Margaux, Pauillac, etc.), Graves (Pessac-Léognon and Sauternes), Saint-Émilion, Pomerol and Fronsac. You’ll even take a side trip to Cognac to visit a cooperage.”

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– France Today Editors, In Wine & Spirits

The world’s leading travel and lifestyle magazine about France with 250,000 monthly readers

“This slick softcover has the look of a well-organized travel guide, with short, focused text entries and scores of glossy photographs. It offers a great overview not only of world-famous Mendoza, but also lesser-known growing areas all the way down to Rio Negro, the world’s southernmost wine region. As a bonus, the book offers culinary and cultural insights, plus travel tips. It is the first in a series, with future books planned for Italy, Spain, France, Chile and Australia, among other countries.”

Printed Paper      Online

– Michael Austin, Wine Columnist

Chicago Tribune – 384,962 print circulation – 18.8 million online monthly readers

“Listed: Six New Travel Books You’ll Want to Have. A must for any oenophile, Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina ($35) follows the 13-week trip of Michael C. Higgins, Ph.D. as he explores 58 wineries and tastes almost 600 bottles of wine.”

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– Bryan Van Gorder, Out Traveler Magazine

The highest LGBT circulation publication in the USA

“A retired publisher turned photographer and world-traveler – and now author – literally wrote the book on wine and travel in Argentina. The culmination of his travels is a comprehensive list of not only the wineries and vineyards he visited and their offerings, but also sightseeing options and delicious restaurants.”

Click here

– Kirsten Niper, Assistant Editor, The High End

Unique Homes Luxury Media’s magazine for affluent individuals interested in high-end real estate paid readership in all 50 states and 80 countries worldwide of 66,000 monthly readers

“Wine books can be a thoughtful gift for the wine drinker and I’m a big fan of gifting a book plus a wine that relates to the book. One of the best new books to come out this year is on Argentina, a country that really needed one to tell travelers where to go, what to taste and where to stay. Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina by Michael C. Higgins ($35) is half guide book, half coffee table book, with information gathered through extensive time spent with top industry insiders. The book focuses on Mendoza, Salta and Patagonia and everything is vetted by the author.”

Click here

– Anthony Gismondi, Wine Columnist, Vancouver Sun

The daily newspaper of Vancouver, Canada with 1.5 million monthly readers

“Between the covers of the 11-book series, author Michael C. Higgins, Ph.D., offers a rich, insider compendium designed to lead readers and travelers on an informed journey through the most stunning wine regions on the planet.”

Click here

– Debra Bokur, Travel Editor, Global Traveler

Business & lifestyle magazine for an exclusive difficult-to-reach executive business traveler

“Exploring Wine Regions produces two types of author-led trips. One is where we work with wine shops, whereby they market our author-led trips to their customers and get a profit for their success. And come with us! The other author-lead trips we produce are for our direct relationships with readers. Over time, we have built a good database and an excellent reputation with wine lovers who can’t wait to go on the next trip with us. We share their passion. We offer them unique trips they could never buy. That’s what makes us so desirable. They are not just going on a trip with an author; they are going in the back door to meet the people at the forefront of food, wine and hospitality.”

Click here

– Michael C. Higgins, PhD, Author, Photojournalist & Publisher, IBPA Independent

The magazine of IBPA, the largest publishing trade association in the United States

La Vanguardia Sur – Periodista estadounidense recorre la Ruta del Vino Patagonica
Host News: Digital Tourism Business Journal
Tourism Patagonia (American journalist travels the Ruta del Vino)

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PW – Publishers Weekly, since 1872 (Book Reviews, Bestselling Books & Publishing)
Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina presented on the Front Cover

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Online Magazines, Social Media & Blogs

A Book and a Bottle
The Wine Chef Holiday Gift Guide 2023

This year’s guide presents a curated selection of non-wine items that make creative gifts when paired with particular wines.

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– Lisa Denning, The Wine Chef

Top 100 Wine Writer of 2020, Online Site of 7.6k Readers For Everything Food and Wine

“Born from a lifelong endeavor to share stories about the people, places and cultures that make wine regions unique, the “Exploring Wine Regions” book series invites readers on vivid escapes to some of the most fascinating wine destinations on earth. Now encapsulating three critically acclaimed books – Argentina, Bordeaux and California’s Central Coast – the series has been honored with ten medals, including multiple “Best Travel Book” accolades. The latest edition takes Michael to his home state to explore California’s Central Coast, an under-the-radar wine and food destination brimming with diversity and discovery. Armed with cameras and a thirst for adventure, Higgins set out on a two-year journey up and down the rugged coastline in search of the pioneering winemakers and chefs defining this burgeoning region. Combined, the book spans 436 pages featuring 102 wineries from 27 sub-AVAs, over 800 photos captured by Higgins himself, and recommendations for 60 restaurants with suggested food and wine pairings.”

Click here

– Matthew Kaner, Will Travel For Wine, MEN’S JOURNAL MAGAZINE

Men's Journal is the world's largest men's magazine internationally, with 14.8 million monthly unique visitors digitally in the USA

“Through exclusive first-hand profiles, visual storytelling and expert insights, the book captures the spirit of this flourishing region, uncovering the distinct winemaking philosophies, terroirs, and culinary delights that make the Central Coast so captivating.”

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– Wine Industry Network’s Advisor

Online Industry Publication For Wine Businesses & Wine Professionals

“Now encapsulating three critically acclaimed books – Argentina, Bordeaux and California’s Central Coast – the series has been honored with ten medals, including multiple “Best Travel Book” accolades. The latest edition takes Michael to his home state to explore California’s Central Coast, an under-the-radar wine and food destination brimming with diversity and discovery.”

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– Wine Business, Daily News Email

The Leading Producer of Information & Events For The Wine Industry

“A new book is being released this October, Exploring Wine Regions: Bordeaux, and it promises to be part coffee table book, part wine geek guide, and mostly a travel guide. For many wine lovers, Bordeaux is the go-to destination for all things vino and the new book is undoubtedly the latest way for wine lovers to taste their favorite spot. Plan your own journey with the help of Higgin’s thoughtful and thorough new book.”

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– Jordi Lippe-McGraw, Writer, Art & Culture, DEPARTURES Magazine

Lifestyle Magazine of American Express for 169,000 platinum and centurion cardholders

“With nearly 500 pages of insider info on where to stay, eat, and of course, explore the wines of Bordeaux, this guide offers a comprehensive glimpse into one of the world’s most historic and often intimidating wine regions to visit. Providing insight into the region’s best vineyards, winemakers, towns, hotels, restaurants, and more, author Michael Higgins does his best to make Bordeaux approachable and possible for wine and travel enthusiasts. Readers will gain a basic understanding of the region’s history, cuisine, and culture.”

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– Jessica Dupuy, Forbes Magazine

The leading business publication read by 83 million people worldwide

“The book is incredibly useful for sightseeing travelers as well as serious students of wine: amazingly comprehensive in its presentation of tourism and wine education, at all levels. If you are looking for a template to plan a tour, you can’t go wrong in following his recommendations for wineries, hotels, spas and restaurants. In addition, I would highly recommend reading his description and historical notes, to feel the centuries of events, traditions and people you will be immersed in.”

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– Becky Sue Epson, Editor: Food, Wine & Travel, Palate Press

A modern online wine magazine of 11,000 wine connoisseurs

Feature Story by our Author/Photographer Michael C. Higgins

This editorial explores the very far north of the Médoc, it’s remote wine region, the port where the Gironde Estuary meets the Atlantic Ocean, and the beautiful beaches along the Médoc Atlantic Ocean. Interesting wineries, delicious cuisine, unique accommodations, and compelling things to do, all an excerpt from Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France.

“Michael, this is a work of art!!! My favorite place on Earth was once that nude beach. Wow, great pictures and a wonderful package.”

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– Max Hartshorne, Editor, GoNomad

Ranked the #5 travel blog websites in the world

“This book hits both of my sweet spots – wine and travel. Studying wine, Bordeaux is literally the first region you learn about and several of the wines on my personal “wine bucket list” hail from Bordeaux. The book is seriously everything Bordeaux – the wine, the food, castles, the Bordelais way of life and more. Dear COVID go away so I can visit Bordeaux!”

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– Kat Rene, Certified Specialist in Wine, WSET Level 3

The Corkscrew Concierge – Down-to-earth writing about wine and travel experiences

“This comprehensive 494-page guide to Bordeaux is Higgins’ second release in his series of coffee-table books on wine and travel, which is a true insider’s guide to the region’s best vineyards, winemakers, charming cities, incredible chateaus, sites, hotels, restaurants and more. The book truly offers a comprehensive guide to one of the world’s most famous wine regions. Furthermore, the book was just awarded with the “BEST TRAVEL BOOK OF 2020” by the New York City Big Book Award.”

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– Carla Snuggs, Wine, Coffee and Beauty Gifts

Posh Lifestyle and Beauty Blog of 120,000 Readers

“It is 494 pages of everything you could ever want to know about this amazing region. Definitely, you are going to want to get your hands on this book.”

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– GrapeChic, Wine Blogger & Influencer

Posted on Instagram Story

“AUTHOR INTERVIEW – Travel Awaits interviews author and photographer in front of the new release of Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France.”

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– Richard Nahem, Expert Contributor in Paris France, Travel Awaits

An international travel magazine for 591,000 monthly readers

“If there is one book that impressed me the most this year, by its sheer scope and ambition, it is this one (Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina). Michael C. Higgins has crafted something truly comprehensive in this consultative collection of the people and places of Argentinian winemaking. Higgins personally visited each and every place mentioned in the book, conducting interviews and taking photographs. This is a truly generous book, crafted from passion and experience.”

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– Jill Barth of L’Occasion

2016 Wine Blog Award Winner – Best Writing & Best Overall Wine Blog

“If you haven’t been to Argentina, you probably know it for the alleged steak dinner/bottle of wine/tango lesson that guy you know who went there on study abroad for like $2.99. And that’s precisely why Michael Higgins is trying to help you. The result is Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina. And in addition to being the most thorough guide to Argentine wine tourism, it also includes contact info for everyone profiled, so you too can have the insider’s experience he did. Higgins shared some of his favorite photos and experiences from his journey. And if after getting through them all you don’t feel the urge to start searching for flights to Mendoza, you’ll at least have a serious craving for Malbec.”

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– Matt Meltzer, Staff Writer, THRILLIST

A daily online magazine for doers, about food, drink, travel and fun, with over 5 million monthly readers.

“Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina is a book praising the great wines and culture of the land. Author and Malbec enthusiast Michael Higgins guides readers with an in-depth exploration of Argentina, visually transporting them with beautiful images, maps and information on the wine, the people and the unique Argentinian terrain.”

“Important queries travelers would have such as what are the better wine pairings, traditional recipes for the region, how wine is created, where to stay, where to eat, etc. are all answered on a personal note by Higgins. This is what sets this book apart from the traditional travel or wine book, it is an individual adventure from someone who simply loves wine and travel.”

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– Alyssa Holder, HONEST COOKING

ALYSSA IS PASSIONATE ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DEVOTE THEIR TIME TO FILL OUR STOMACHS AND EXPLORING, Honest Cooking is an international online culinary magazine which covers cooking and baking, recipes, food news, culinary travel, and culinary culture in general, with over 150,000 monthly readers.

“When I first opened Michael Higgins’ Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina, I was struck by the sheer beauty of the photography. Each page is filled with gorgeous photos of vineyards, landscapes, cellars, wineries and their rich viticultural tradition. With each flip of the page, I found myself drawn into their culture, their land— their art of wine making. I was immediately transported to Argentina.”

Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina is a beautifully written, insider’s guide to the wine regions of Argentina. Whether you’re a wine professional looking to expand your knowledge, an avid Malbec enthusiast planning a trip to Argentina, or simply a fan of breathtaking photography looking for a new addition to your coffee table, this book is worth checking out.”

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– Alexis Chabert, Sommelier, El Che Bar

El Che Bar is an Argentinian-inspired bar and restaurant Alexis Chabert is a sommelier who specializes in Argentinian wine knowledge

“Exploring Wine Regions, a travel lifestyle brand showcasing the world’s top wine regions, has launched with the publication of its first book, Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina. Michael Higgins is the brand creator and book author providing an extensive guide to the world’s top wine countries. Within each country, Higgins breaks down and uncovers the best wine regions, culinary landscape, and travel offerings. His first stop is Argentina.”

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– Luxury Travel Advisor

The latest news and trends in luxury travel for travel agents worldwide

Professional Book Reviewers

Central Coast of California

“Those who are interested in expanding their knowledge of California and its wines should definitely get their hands on this book. This is an informative read that has given me many new insights. I strongly recommend this book to my fellow readers. Go ahead with this book without any second thoughts.

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– Monika Singla, Sassy Reviews

Blog, Good Reads, Instagram Reviewer

Author Spotlight: Michael Higgins

“For the food and wine connoisseurs among you, we’re delighted to introduce author and photographer Michael Higgins. His series, “Exploring Wine Regions,” takes you on a journey through Bordeaux, Argentina, and California’s Central Coast wine country (beyond Napa Valley). These beautifully crafted books are not only visually stunning but also packed with valuable information and insider tips. They make perfect conversation starters, reference guides, and gifts for the wine lovers in your life.”

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– Discover Books

Online Bookstore Where Book Lovers Find A Wide Selection Of Books At Affordable Prices

Delightful and Insightful Travel Guide To The World of California Wine

“Whether you’re a casual wine drinker with a thirst for learning more or on your way to becoming a full-fledged sommelier, Michael C. Higgins has produced the quintessential tome for traveling wine country along California’s central coast.”

“Exploring Wine Regions: The Central Coast of California is the third in Higgins’ acclaimed series featuring some of the state’s lesser-known wine regions, and it’s clear from the opening pages that the author not only understands his subject matter — and all of the complexities around producing it, buying it and recommending it — but also that these books are truly a labor of love. It’s difficult to imagine the staggering amount of research involved in writing them.”

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– Dawn Ius, Nonfiction Reviewer, BookTrib.

Created As A News Source For People Who Love Books (90,000 Monthly users)

“A photographic vacation that will make your taste buds explode!

With Photography to take you away! Wine described so well your tastebuds explode! A whole new Wine Region is explored! Michael C. Higgins in California is Sublime! This is yet another book for your home or to gift a friend, or favorite Restauranteur! I am in love with everything among each page!”

– Annie McDonnell, Literary Activist

Known To The Literary World As One of Its Best Book Reviewers

“Michael Higgins’ writing is informative, lively, discriminating and full of recommendations beyond just wine tasting. His photography is drop-dead gorgeous. Reviewed are more than 100 wineries and 60 restaurants spread across Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. This book (and e-book) are now the reference point for anyone planning a winery excursion through California’s Central Coast.”

– James Moroney III, Publisher, Emeritus, The Dallas Morning News

Daily Newspaper Serving Dallas-Fort Worth Area Since 1885

“Michael nails it with his latest photographic essay of the Central Coast wine district. I will be recommending it to all my members as the quintessential tome for travel to the wine country. Congrats!”

– Paul Kalemkarian, President, Original Wine of the Month Club

The Oldest Mail Order Wine Club in America Founded in 1970

“Like the other books in his series, Higgins has packed his California book with detailed information about the geography, wines, winemakers, and wineries of each appellation and sub-appellation of the region. He also includes all the information you need to travel to and through the Central Coast’s wine country. The book is also gorgeous, filled with amazing photographs. It is a beautiful coffee table book for armchair travel as well as an indispensable guide to a fascinating wine region.”

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– Gilion Dumas, Book Reviewer, Rose City Reader

Reader, Blogger, Sex Abuse Lawyer, Mother of Tabbies

“In this sumptuous book with more than 800 photographs, Michael C. Higgins takes wine enthusiasts on an in-depth tour of the wineries of Central California.
Higgins seems to have thought of everything, with maps, indexes and even advice on how to navigate the book’s pages. He includes basic facts about a winery on one side of the page (price range, address, phone number, website, hours, wines) with a more detailed narrative about the winery – its history, interesting facts about it, ambiance, etc.
– next to it.

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– Blue Ink Review, Starred Review (book is exceptional)

Considered The Gold Standard of Professional Book Reviews

“Photojournalist Higgins has channeled his love of California, travel, and excellent cuisine and wines into this spectacular volume. As much a journey for the senses as it is a guidebook, this third volume in the Exploring Wine Regions series is a masterpiece that will please not only novice and expert travelers and wine connoisseurs but will also impress anyone who loves to thumb through an excellent resource book of any type. This is a volume that will be visited, revisited, and cherished for both the information presented as well as the enjoyable reading experience.”

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– The US Review of Books

Professional Book Reviews for 22,400 Subscribers

“A useful and attractive travel guide for oenophiles.

Higgins’ photographs are the real highlight, vividly capturing vineyards, wines, and accompanying cuisine with rich colors and skillful use of light. Wine enthusiasts are unlikely to find a more informative resource for exploring Central Coast vineyards.”

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– Kirkus Reviews, Written with an Insider’s Eye

Integrity, Honesty & Accessible Reviews Since 1933

“This is a book for those who love Bordeaux and its wines, love France and the French way of life, and especially for those who plan to visit Bordeaux. The author’s passion for his topic shines through, and he left no grape unturned in his pursuit of the very best of Bordeaux. You don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy this book, it’s for everyone. But it will give you an expert’s views of wine and reveal the extraordinary uniqueness of Bordeaux.

I loved the hotel descriptions. There are several that made me think, I would go to Bordeaux just to stay in them. Add in the castles, the picturesque villages, wine and way of life and you have an irresistible urge to go there. This is a book that will fuel your wanderlust for France. Wanderlust guaranteed.”

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– Janine Marsch, Book Reviews & Interviews, The Good Life France Magazine

One of the world’s largest travel and culture magazines about France

“The perfect companion for any wine lover or travel enthusiast.

Synopsis: Author and photographer Michael C. Higgins brings a unique approach in educating and inspiring readers about the wine region of Bordeaux France in the form of a kind of profusely illustrated journey that deftly explores the long and fascinating history of wine gastronomy, castles and joie de vivre, the French way of living life.

Critique: Ideal for the armchair traveler and for mapping out excursions for the adventurous on-site traveler, “Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France: Discover Wine, Food, Castles, and The French Way of Life” is an extraordinary, informative, and thoroughly ‘user friendly’ resource that is especially and unreservedly recommended for personal, professional, community, and college/university library Travel Guide and wine enthusiast reference collections.”

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– James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Midwest Book Review – The Travel Shelf

“Exploring Wine Regions: Bordeaux and Argentina

Both books are meticulously researched, insider accounts of wineries and vineyards in the regions they cover as well as travel guides to the food, special lodging, sights, and history. Higgins did his own research and photography, and his enthusiasm shows on every page.

Bordeaux is chock-o-block with gorgeous photographs, making it a perfect armchair travel book for any Francophile. It is also indispensable for planning a wine tour of the region. I can’t imagine visiting Bordeaux without Higgins’s book!

Having indulged in the Bordeaux book, I wanted to poke around in the Argentina book to learn something about a wine region I know absolutely nothing about. Wow! Now I want to visit Argentina.”

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– Gilion Dumas, Book Reviewer, Rose City Reader

Reader, Blogger, Sex Abuse Lawyer, Mother of Tabbies

“Michael Higgins’ new book has plenty of helpful information for Bordeaux novices and experts alike. An author, publisher and photojournalist, he also took the photographs for this book. And — wow — his talent shows. The book is packed with photographs, quite tastefully shot and arranged, with excellent clarity and depth. From classic vineyard views, to winemaking in action, food porn and architecture, Higgins’ hundreds of photos are a real star of the show.

When profiling specific producers, Higgins’ manages to keep them interesting by focusing on a unique hook about each chateau to draw in readers, weaving in the history of a place with its modern approach. You’ll find your favorite chateaux in here, and likely a lot of ones you don’t know. And the information on the all wines they produce is detailed and precise.”

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– Isaac Baker, TERROIRIST

Award-winning daily wine blog reaching 65,000 readers

“I was amazed by the contents. I have read many travelogues and photojournals, but this one was not only eye-catching but thoroughly researched. I especially loved the history of evolution of the wine industry. Learning how geography played the most important role in the cultivation of the grapes, leading to different types of wines enriched me. Who thought that the dissimilarities of the land type in two opposite banks could result in such distinctly different wine?

I loved how the author made the book easy to navigate by specifying the route and providing lots of maps. He did indeed love maps! He also painstakingly collected and presented the contact details and methods of reservation for the restaurants and the hotels, attempting multiple times to locate a less well-known one, even!

The photographs were mind-blowing. I am not sure what attracted me the most, the pictures of wine cellars and the winemaking steps, or the scenic beauty. I enjoyed the wine-tasting anecdotes. It was good to know about the trips his team organizes for the wine-enthusiasts. The extra chapters that the author could not incorporate into the book sound as tantalizing as the book’s contents. Wine-lover or not, who wouldn’t want to know how to travel luggage-free? I am looking forward to reading the other books by this author, too.”

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– Shrab Astee, Book Reviewer, Online Book Club

An online community of over one million active book lovers

“Fascinating. A perfect travel guide to Bordeaux with thorough research and insights on wineries. Bordeaux, a hub of the famed wine-growing region, is a port city on the Garonne River in southwestern France. This book helps the readers to discover spectacular wineries, food, castles, landmarks, and the regions in Bordeaux. The author has brought the book to life through impressive photographs.

The author’s exceptional writing style and vast knowledge of the place help to organize the travel based on our preferences. Breathtaking history and how the wine industry launched has been unraveled. His personal experiences, interactions, location maps, suggestions, and honest reviews make you want to visit this amazing place.

A must-read book for those who have an interest in travel and wine.”

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– Anu Menon, Book Reviewer for GoodReads

Goodreads is platform of books and readers with over 20 million members

“Michael Higgins is my favorite wine writer. I always think of Michael as Wine 101. He is not going to bore you. He is going to entertain you, and help you travel as if you are actually with him. His books are thick with beautiful photographs and a positive spin on everything.”

– Peter Dills, Radio Talk Show Host

L.A.’s “King of Cuisine”

“This book is more than finely detailed narratives and fantastic photographic eye-candy for wine and food enthusiasts, it is also an easy-to-read travel guide, complete with detailed maps of and insights about tourism hot spots. History lovers, travel writers, and travel experts will find this text on par with the likes of works by Rick Steves and Lonely Planet.”

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– Nicole Yurcaba, Book Reviewer, The US Review of Books

Professional Book Reviews for 18,000 Subscribers

“The tour of Bordeaux is just magical. The breathtaking landscapes, delectable food, magnificent castles, and warm and inviting people will lure any traveler to visit the place and experience its magic. The author captivates readers with the history of Bordeaux, its topography and the evolution of its landscape. The book begins from the center of the region, and the charm of this medieval city will enthrall readers to go there in person and experience its youthful and energetic vibe. The book is informative with lot of details about wine and tourism, how they created a highly respected winemaking phenomenon, and beautiful properties where tourists can stay while visiting the region. It is also a visual treat with fabulous pictures of its castles and cellars that make it palpable for readers to enjoy Bordeaux to the fullest.”

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– Mamta Madhavan, Reviewer, London England

Reader’s Favorite – A staff of 1,000+ book author/reviewers

“Critique: Impressively informed and informative, “Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina” is exceptionally well written, organized and presented, making in an ideal introduction to Argentina’s ‘wine country’. Perfect for the armchair traveler and ideal for planning Argentinian travel itineraries, “Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina” is enthusiastically recommended for personal, community, and academic library Travel Guide collections in general, and Argentinian Cultural supplemental studies reading lists in particular.”

– John Taylor, Reviewer

Midwest Book Review – Bookwatch

“Despite the fact that I’ve yet to journey to Argentina in real life, thanks to Higgins’ compelling encyclopedia that doubles as a travel guide, I’ve gained a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of this enticing country and its wines…and am inspired. Higgins’ engaging narrative and breathtaking photographs are the virtual ticket!”

“When traveling to a new destination, wine lovers like me crave to discover unique characteristics of that country, those that make an appreciation of its wines more rich. Whether you’re visiting Argentina in real life or in the comfort of your own space, pour yourself a glass of wine from Argentina and consider Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina by Michael C. Higgins, PhD. your guide…and inspiration. “

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– Cindy Rynning, Grape Experience

Top 100 best wine blogs featuring reviews on wines and wineries to 56,000 monthly readers

“Some people dabble in their interests; others, like the author, completely immerse themselves in them. Higgins is passionate about wine, an amateur in the original French sense of the word in that he is a lover of his subject matter. Much of what makes this book stand out is the professional experience the author brings to his project. This background is evident in his overall design of the book which rivals the best travel guides on the market. He combines his own high-quality photographs with short, engaging articles which offer just the right amount of information to satisfy the reader’s interest in a particular topic without belaboring the point.”

Click here

– John E. Roper, Book Reviewer, The US Review of Books

An online book review publication in the “Top-25 Google Search” for book reviews

“If you have never been inside a winery, this book shows you how big lots of crushed grapes raw are received, and how they are processed, refined, made into wine, and stored in barrels and other containers for later bottling and shipping. This is a sensuous book: one can not only take in the wine culture of Argentina, but as also see the different kinds of wine, smell their aromas and taste their rich flavors.”

“If you are a wine lover and (like me) to learn about grapes and wine and culture from all around the world then you will really enjoy this book…it is very worthwhile!!!”

Click here

– Laxmi Chaandi, Book Reviewer, BIZ INDIA Online News

Online news for one million Asian households living in the United States

Blogging Exploring Wine Regions on Twitter & Facebook
“Am so impressed with Exploring Wine Regions Argentina. Incredible book!”
“I read in the book about leaf-thinning practices on the Achaval Ferrer Estate. Interesting stuff.
– Jill Barth of L’Occasion

2016 Wine Blog Award Winner – Best Writing & Best Overall Wine Blog

Real People, Real Readers

“Exploring Wine Regions books are full of enticing photography and a delightful mix of grape-growing science, winemaker profiles, and loads of fun things to do. Plenty of information to satisfy the novice as well as the expert.”

– Neal Vitale, President, Wine & Food Society of Hollywood

“I have enjoyed the Exploring Wine Regions series of books by Michael Higgins and always look forward to the next! They have become my personal and professional gifts for all occasions! Michael has been able to capture my dreams of the life I imagined in a written journey. They are true love letters to the world of fine wine and amazing travel!! And, the fabulous photos make everyone’s life brighter one sip at a time! Incredibly Special!”

– Michele Bright, DDS, Pilot

“All of the personalities, history and science is so interesting. It’s hard for me to imagine all the time and effort and expertise that went into this book!! I have so much more to read, but I already foresee many awards and accolades. Very impressive. Can’t wait to gift some copies.”

– Jim Ullery, Fan

“Your latest book (California) looks like your best one yet.”

– Al Galasso, President, National Association of Book Entrepreneurs

“The book is fabulous. Lots of general information for amateurs who want to “go to wine country” but plenty or really great info for the true geeks and people who are in the biz and want to learn more.”

– Dan Fredman, PR & Marketing to The Thirsty

“As with his other chronicles, Michael Higgins has done excellent work highlighting what is compelling about the Central Coast Wine Regions. His enthusiasm is infectious.”

– Ian Brand, Vintner/Winemaker, Ian Brand Winery

“Excellent author. Michael is a highly professional person with good judgment and is dedicated to his work. Anyone can tell that he enjoys what he does as it is reflected in his beautiful photographs and descriptions of the places he travels.”

– Agustin Perzabel, Perzabel Vineyard & Winery Tours

“I love it, love it, love it! Already used it to make some recommendations to friends about central coast wineries about which I want very familiar.”

– Jim Moroney, Proprietor, Sixmilebridge Vineyards

“If you go on a wine tour of either Bordeaux, France, or Argentina, you will make a big mistake if don’t take along the respective copy of Michael Higgins’ Exploring Wine Regions. A Ph.D., pilot, and wine devotee having traveled the world to create these two gorgeous coffee table books. And a hoot to talk to.”

– Paul Kalemkiarian, Cellarmaster

The Original Wine of The Month Club

“What an amazing travel in the Bordeaux region and through all its “good life” assets. Exploring Wine Regions Bordeaux is an exhaustive exploration of the Bordeaux way of life and good places to experience. From vineyards to restaurants, going to its beaches, the history surrounding the UNESCO Heritage village of Saint-Émilion and city of Bordeaux, you guide as much the Bordeaux connoisseurs as new comers straight to the most relevant places.”

– Magali and Thibaut DECOSTER, Directeur Général

Château de Candale, Roc de Candale, La Commanderie and Clos des Jacobins

“It is a superb book and will be my bible of Bordeaux.”

– Janine Marsch

Lover of wine, travel and everything France

“Congratulations, Exploring Wine Regions – Bordeaux France is an exceptional work by the richness of its content. This book will be a valuable reference in wine tourism.”

– Xavier BUFFO, Directeur Général

Château de La Rivière

“Our book arrived today, and it looks like an amazing resource! We are looking forward to reading the book, sipping some wine, and learning to appreciate the terroir even more than we already do. I can tell that you put many hours into research and exploration; thank you for sharing your wisdom and acquired knowledge!”

– Lise Hedegaard

Still dreaming of France

“My plan to travel in 2020 was put on hold because of the pandemic- which was a blessing. Paris was in my plans but not Bordeaux. At least not until I got hold up of this book. The pictures are breathtaking. The book is more than just about wines. It’s a travel book that gives lots of information about wine and food and places to see. My girls, both avid travelers, bought their own copies. Their trips have always been touch-and-go. This time, our trips will be more focused on the places and things we want to go and see. In the meantime, a sip of this red Bordeaux will be a more intimate experience. I already know its history. Cheers!”

– Carla Chan

5-Star Review on Amazon

“I have this book and it is brilliant! Stunning photography, full of great ideas of where to go, where to stay and what to do when visiting this beautiful region. A ‘must have’ book when planning your trip or a superb present for all Bordeaux wine lovers. I am not at all surprised it has been awarded Best Travel Book of 2020, well deserved!”

– Sophie Cassat

Wineshop Manager, Morleys Stores Ltd

“Come on people. Order your book TODAY and 5 more as gifts. It is seriously a gorgeous book! Can’t wait for the next one!”

– Mike Gabelman, Reader, Posted on facebook page

Captain at Ameriflight and Founder of Mission Flight

“After reading your new book, I went to Amazon books and ordered 4 more copies. Your awesome books are on their way to me and I can share them with family and friends. Thank you for all you did to produce this wonderful book. I know my sisters and other friends will be grateful also, and maybe even go to Argentina to experience it all first hand.”

– James Ullery

Monterey, California

“I like your expression of never having meet a Malbec that you didn’t like…I could (almost) say the same for all wines…well at least quality wines…I like Malbec and Torrontes wines too but I have to be honest and say that I did not know that there were so many different sub-regions within Mendoza…or that they grew so many different grapes…or that there were so many wineries producing Reserva and Gran Reserva wines…I have already looked through every page (great photos) and I have made it up to about page 60 reading (it came late yesterday)…it is certainly opening my eyes to so much that I did not know about Argentina!!!”
“If you are a wine lover and (like me) to learn about grapes and wine and culture from all around the world then you will really enjoy this book…it is very worthwhile!!!”

– Mark Norman

President, World Wine Marketing, New Milford, CT

“This is the most amazing book on wines that I have ever seen. And looking forward to many more Wine Regions of the World!”

– Michel Pensivy

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Mucha suerte Michael…!!! Gracias por interpretar la pasion por lo que hacemos y transmitirlo al Mundo. Abrazo.”

– Leonardo Puppato

Enologo, Lujan, Mendoza, Argentina

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