Wine Luggage

Wine Luggage

  • Ultimate Wine Luggage

    Ultimate Wine Luggage

    Bring Your Wine Home Safely, for free (Hold 12 Bottles)
    Airline Proof • Lifetime Guaranteed
    Made of Ballistic Nylon Used for Bullet-Proof Vests

    $245 (lifetime guaranteed)

    Filled with 12 bottles of wine, this Ultimate Wine Luggage is under the 50lb weight-limit for the airline’s free checked luggage.  And, it is built tough enough to withstand the roughest baggage-handler’s mishandling. Made from Ballistic Nylon (used for bullet-proof vests) so your wine is safe. Lifetime Guarantee.

    I have chosen a very special manufacturer to build this Ultimate Wine Luggage for us. Each luggage is made by hand, to order, custom built just for you, and made in the USA. Each luggage is personalized with your name or initials embroidered along with our Exploring Wine Regions Embroidery. This luggage is likely better than the regular luggage you own, because the quality is so high the manufacturer gives us (you) a lifetime guarantee. Please allow two to three weeks for this custom manufacturing.