AntiOx Wine Saver Antioxidant


The AntiOx Stopper is a revolutionary device which has a patented system within its inner parts to stop the oxidation of the wine inside the bottle. The silicone based stopper contains an active carbon filter inside which effectively interrupts oxygen from interacting with the wine. Once a wine bottle is closed with the AntiOx Stopper, the oxidation of wine is interrupted with oxygen no longer present to the wine, and no longer producing acetic acid nor damaging the wine. This is a revolutionary device to keep your open bottles of wine for long periods of time without them turning to vinegar or producing unpleasant smells. This devise has a metal ring around its circumference to be turned to the day the wine is opened (31 days of indications) to keep track of the number of days. For optimal performance, keep the bottle in a vertical position. Stands 1 7/8” high x 1 ½” diameter. Comes with a protective carrying bag.

The AntiOx Stopper is made in Spain and is recommended by the Spanish Academy of Sommeliers.

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AntiOx Wine Saver Antioxidant

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