High-Performance Wine Shipping Box


Bring Your Wine Home Safely, for free (Hold 12 Bottles)
High-Performance Shipping Boxes with Polystyrene Protective Insert

$24.95 per box (ships in sets of four boxes)

This is the deluxe version of a standard shipping box.  It is heaved duty, with superior high-performance standards needed for shipping wine safely.  It also looks good with the outside layer being white.  Inside is a polystyrene protective insert holding each wine bottle individually for maximum protection.  It meets ASTM D5118 and D3951 specifications and FedEx, UPS and ISTA Testing Requirements.  In other words, your wine is protected against rough shipping and airline baggage handlers.  It will protect your most precious of wine and is inexpensive.  Available for immediate shipment.inexpensive.  Available for immediate shipment.

Ship Your Wine For Free

Shipping wine is very expensive because it is fragile and heavy.  Plus, it is time sensitive with unknown risks in handling and exposure.  If you have read my book’s Extra Chapters - My Insider Secrets, you understand the details of how to bring two cases of wine per person (24-bottles) home from your wine region explorations for free.  To do this, you need either this High-Performance Wine Shipping Box or the Ultimate Wine Luggage.  This counts as your “checked luggage” within the 50-lbs airline limit, and is airline proof so you can feel secure your wine will make it back home with you, eliminating the temperature and handling risks associated with pre- and post-flight handling occurring during traditional shipping.  This is the best shipping box for carrying your wine as checked luggage, or for general shipping.

Comes in a 4-Box Set

A 4-box set is the minimum quantity we could get these high-performance shipping boxes manufactured for us.  Four boxes are the perfect quantity for one couple though.  Airlines allow two free checked luggages per person on international flights.  So this is the right quantity if you follow my carry-on tips and maximize your opportunity to bring 48 bottles of wine home.

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Additional information

Weight 14 oz


Outside Box Dimensions:

  • 18”H  x  13”W  x  15″D
  • High-Performance Corrugated Material
  • White Outside Wrapping

Insert Dimensions:

  • 17.82”H  x  12.94”W  x  14.75″D
  • Durable Polystyrene Protective Material
  • 2-Piece Construction (top & bottom)

Insert – 12 Cylinders Inside:

  • 3.375 Diameter
  • 13.125 Height
  • Holds 12 – 750ml Standard Wine Bottles


  • Empty Weight is 3.5 lbs
  • A standard 750ml 12 bottle case of wine weights about 40 lbs

(altogether under the 50 lbs weight limit of airlines)


  • No assembly necessary – preassembled with foam in box


  • Meets UPS, FedEx, and ISTA testing requirements
  • Box meets ASTM, D5118 and D3951
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