“A nearly 9,000-square-mile region of rolling verdant hills…

by admin
January 22, 2019
Categories: Wine Regions

“A nearly 9,000-square-mile region of rolling verdant hills, salty coastline, and picturesque hilltop hamlets, Tuscany is an incredible play land for the eno-curious. The region’s heavy-hitters are many, from Chianti Classico, to Brunello, and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano—and, of course, the famous Super Tuscans. It’s filled with landmark wineries and epic winemakers who know it, so they’ve created incredible experiences and tasting rooms to attract visitors, from fairytale to futuristic, combing natural landscapes with award-winning architects. Whether you’ve only got time for a light tasting or want to make a day out of a full regional experience, we’ve got you covered. Exploring this countryside is the tastiest way to truly understand Tuscany, which is why we’ve picked our favorite wine tours and wine tastings in Florence.”

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