Fluid thinkers enjoy experimenting with wines.

by admin
January 15, 2019
Categories: Vineyards & Grapes

“Fluid thinkers enjoy experimenting with wines. They embrace “natural wines,” and they find entrancing funky flavors that repel more conservative drinkers who thought those faults had been eradicated by modern winemaking. They seek out environmentally friendly wines made by organic, biodynamic or sustainable methods. They care about how many liters of water are used to make a bottle of wine, or the winery’s carbon footprint. They don’t care about point scores from some critic their parents slavishly follow. They love to try wines from non-classic regions such as Virginia, Maryland, Bulgaria or the Jura, and unfamiliar, tongue-twisting grapes such as rkatsiteli or mtsvane. They will splurge to enjoy the experience of a rare or unusual wine, especially if it was fermented in a concrete egg or buried underground in a qvevri.”

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