For those of us hungry for harmony…

by admin
December 12, 2018
Categories: Culinary

“For those of us hungry for harmony, there is nothing quite like matching your favorite wine with perfectly complementary cheese and charcuterie. No matter the wine and cheese, there are some general rules: creamier, younger cheeses tend to be better with white and sparkling wines, and harder, aged cheeses will pair better with red wine. Either way, a little bit of salty charcuterie ties it all together. Balance is the name of the game — as much as you love those creamy, milky cheeses, they likely will be overwhelmed by a big glass of Barolo. Open a bottle of Vermentino instead, however, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous pairing. Italy offers an array of some of the most world-renowned wines, cheeses, and charcuterie, making it an ideal place to start when it comes to putting together a spread that you and your friends will love.” 🥰🎄🍷

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