The secret is officially out:

by admin
December 19, 2018
Categories: Wine Regions

“The secret is officially out: The world is obsessed with the wines of Argentina. In recent years, the South American nation has become the fifth-largest producer of wine in the entire world, with much of that wine produced in Mendoza, a region nestled in the eastern foothills of the Andes Mountains. With sandy alluvial soil that rests on clay, the area has four distinct seasons but no extreme temperatures. It’s an ideal place for grapevines to flourish.

But one Mendoza winemaker, Trapiche, stands out from the rest. It’s famous for its Malbecs —wines made with the eponymous French grape, so popular that they’ve become synonymous with Argentinian winemaking — but that’s not all Trapiche can do. A wide range of offerings combined with a unique history make this winery one of the most important in the country.” 

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