Watching a sommelier blindly taste a flight of wines

by admin
October 12, 2018

“Watching a sommelier blindly taste a flight of wines, figuring out their origins right down to the grapevine in a French village, is like watching a magician try to guess your card: You don’t believe it’s possible until they’re right.

Then, of course, you want to know how they did it.

For master sommeliers, there is no simple explanation. The expert wine stewards spend years and thousands of dollars preparing for the master sommelier examination, seen as one of the toughest tests in the world administered by the Court of Master Sommeliers. Since its inception in 1969, only 273 people have ever passed the three-part test, according to the court’s website, with the blind tasting being the hardest part of the exam.” 😎😊

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