A US$300 bottle of wine sold in the United States and Europe is made…

“A US$300 (RM1,255) bottle of wine sold in the United States and Europe is made in the unlikeliest of places: At the foot of the Himalayas in China, where farmers sing traditional songs while picking grapes. A stone’s throw away from Tibet, Ao Yun’s vineyards are located beneath the sacred Meili mountain at altitudes ranging up from 2,200 metres [...]

Canned wine is here to stay

“Canned wine is here to stay, and grocery store shelves are now full of myriad options in cute cans of all colors and sizes. On the teenie end, we have choices like Sophia Coppola Minis, which contain just 6.3 ounces and come with an adorable straw. On the jumbo side, a press release informs us that Krogers in Ohio [...]

The LA-based online marketplace for health foods

“The LA-based online marketplace for health foods, Thrive Market announced a new addition to their offering last week: clean wines. Priced at under $20 a bottle and promised to be low-sulfite, Thrive Market co-founder Nick Green wants consumers to think about what goes into their wine as much as their meals. Packaged in recycled material molds that eliminate the need [...]

Mead was born 8,000 years ago

“Mead was born 8,000 years ago, which pre-dates wine and beer by several thousand years, says author Fred Minnick in his book, Mead: The Libations, Legends, and Lore of History’s Oldest Drink (Running Press, 2018). It likely started simply. “Somebody left a pot of honey outside in the rain,” says Minnick. “It fermented, and people drank it. Mead was born.” Today, [...]

It’s time to ditch your corkscrew.

It’s time to ditch your corkscrew. Canned wine isn’t just a passing summer fad, it’s a $45 million business, according to Nielson. Wine in cans with pull-tops instead of corks isn’t new, but it has become a staple for young drinkers over the last few years and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Sales of canned wine grew [...]

“Rebellious spirit”

One can now arguably say the winery has met its “rebellious spirit” goal with the release of Rebel Coast Cannabis Infused Sauvignon Blanc. With this wine, the winery adds a fourth to its list of “nos”: no alcohol (technically, less than 0.5% alcohol by volume). In place of alcohol, a bottle of this Sauvignon Blanc comes with 20 milligrams [...]

American Rosés Without Clichés

“Rosé is a wine like any other. Some are good, even excellent. Some are mediocre, and some are sweet pink confections like the white zinfandels of the 1970s and ’80s. If you do care about the wine you drink, why settle for the bad stuff? Rosé can be wonderful. It can be exactly the wine that you want in all [...]

Why You Should Be Drinking Weird Wines

“The trend has been around long enough that some of the names, like albariño from Spain or grüner veltliner from Austria, are considered old hat by serious wine enthusiasts. Nowadays, the trendy names include juhfark, from Hungary; obaideh, from Lebanon; chasselas, from Switzerland; and saperavi, from the republic of Georgia.” READ MORE…

Are you onboard?

If you’re obsessed with red wine (aren’t we all?), you probably drink less of it in the summer and more of it in the winter. That’s just how it goes: a glass of Pinot sounds better when cozied up by a fire than when sweating by a pool. Needing a warm-weather alternative is precisely why rosé sales grew 53% [...]